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Message from the Coordinator (Additional Chief Advisor)

As the Additional Chief Advisor of BUBT Business Club I am very pleased that all of you are dedicating your best effort to run this club successfully. We all know that this is a very prestigious club of our university and we have some worthy persons for each position with the direct supervision of our expert faculties to build up the members as business expert.

BUBT Business club started its journey in 2003 and right from the beginning it has brought a different and refreshing approach to business and business networking.

We are all extremely passionate about the Business Club and very proud of our achievements. However, we never stand still and are constantly introducing extra benefits for our members as you can see.

With several meetings or seminars in every month, there is plenty of opportunity to continuously build these all important business relationships. Guests are always welcomed and they can help creating great atmosphere of a Business Club network meeting.

I hope the club will successfully run for a long time and I’m looking forward to you to create new ideas and concepts for the betterment of our club. I hope you would work as a group and will make proper decisions with your excellence. My best wishes are always for you.


Md. Aslam Uddin
Additional Chief Advisor
BUBT Business Club, BUBT




In the 21st century the business organizations look for people who can lead an organization with a great precision and dynamism. The business club will work to help students to be prepare for today’s competitive business world where they can direct an organization to greater success.


Name, Mission, Objectives & Activities

Section 1.1: Name

The name of this organization will be the “BUBT Business club”.

Section 1.2: Mission

Promoting the university to the every possible way and creating new generation business leaders

Section1.3: Objectives

The objectives of the business club will be:

  • Corporate affiliation
  • Knowledge expansion
  • Competitive skill development
  • Training & workshop

Section 1.4: Activities

All the activities of Business Club will be open for each and every valid club members and in some cases for the students of other programs. The activities of the Business club will be:

  • To build corporate linkup with different national and multinational organizations.
  • To make internship database and provide internship to those who will require it.
  • To provide job opportunity.
  • To arrange different seminars and invite different business executives to conduct the seminars.
  • To arrange different competitions like business plan competition and case competition inside the university to build up conceptual skills of the students.
  • To help students participate different business related competitions organized by universities and corporations.
  • To arrange job fair with the participation of leading corporate houses of Bangladesh.


Bangladesh University of Business and Technology

Rupnagar, Mirpur-2, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh
Phone: 02-4803-6351, 02-4803-6352, 02-4803-6353
One Stop Service Center: 01810033740 (for BUBT current students)

Admission Hotline Number: 01810033733
Cell: 01810033701, 01810033702, 01810033703
01810033704, 01810033705, 01810033706
01967169189, 01845734337, 01680050630
Email: info@bubt.edu.bd