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BUBT Language Lab

Department of English at BUBT has established a Language Laboratory. It is equipped with the facilities of modern technologies. The Lab has been established under the Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project (HEQEP) of the University Grants Commission (UGC) and the Ministry of Education, Govt. of Bangladesh. It is jointly financed by the World Bank and BUBT. The Language Lab is a technological, result-oriented language teaching-learning opportunity, which will act as a platform for learning, practicing and imparting skills and proficiency through interactive and communicative mode of teaching, modern and updated technological options and co-curricular activities.

BUBT Language Lab has been furnished with necessary technical equipment for the four skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. It has the following parts: Listening Lab with Computer Workstations for students and Instructors; Speaking Lab with Record-Playback options, Reading-Writing Lab with all modern technological features. The target of achieving students’ proficiency would be fulfilled through classroom lessons, drills, games, one-to-one tutoring and group discussion, various exercises, guided and semi-guided expression, self-learning opportunity, oral presentations like public speaking, seminar, role-play, intensive and extensive reading, visualization through videos that would reflect the use of the language in context. The students will acquire proficiency in speaking, communication, understanding and analyzing various situations and contexts. Teacher-student interaction would be present in various methods: introducing and describing the context, and way to act/perform, error analysis and corrective feedback, self-learning incentives, practice games, etc. Their performance will be evaluated instantly and tested through examinations and assignments.

The Language Lab will create an environment of learning with equal focus on each and every learner; monitoring their competence, weakness, and make solutions to the problems. The learners will get the opportunity to discuss personally with the instructor, practice with enthusiasm, overcome shyness, and get the platform for public speaking. This will impart knowledge in line with modern times.


Why do you need a language Lab?

Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT) aims at providing an environment for skill and capacity development of students from different walks of life. In this way, the students will be developed as skilled manpower who will successfully compete and contribute to different fields in the national and international arena. Language proficiency, especially in internationally used languages is integral to the fulfillment of this objective. In this way, language lab will help providing language learning environment, accuracy and fluency in language to be used in academic and practical fields.


Strategic Plan with the Lab

BUBT has a long term strategic plan to ensure continuous development and the upgrading of language learning process. Having the infrastructural capacity, the university takes initiatives to train faculty members and thus introduces them to new strategies and methods of teaching. In this context, the establishment of the Language Laboratory is a breakthrough step towards achieving language proficiency, which would have a long term impact on local, national and international context. It would certainly provide the most updated method of teaching-learning process. This would create an environment of learning the internationally recognized and used languages of which most important is English.


Our Features

  • Blended teaching methodology graded and structured through levels.
  • Upgraded course contents incorporating latest methods and materials.
  • Good lab environment with adequate facilities for learning.
  • User-friendly and activity-driven teaching-learning system that ensures better results.
  • Learners’ opportunity to record their own voice (speaking and performing) and play back the recordings, interact with each other and store results.
  • Students’ interest and eagerness to use the technology according to the instructions of the teacher.
  • Increased number of talented students, who have the capacity to adopt new methods and ideas in a very short time.


How will it Benefit the Students?

  • A positive result of teaching-learning process in the Language Laboratory will ensure that students will have a good command in reading, studying, understanding and writing effectively in the target language.
  • The students will develop a habit of self-learning which will increase their capacity to acquire knowledge more effectively, build vocabulary and use their knowledge appropriately in proper places.
  • The students get the scope for conversation, communication and interaction with each other in a more effective way in the laboratory with immediate corrective feedback and guidance and encouragement. This creates an opportunity for correction in every step and thus gradually reaches to the target point of proficiency. Moreover, they can overcome shyness, hesitation and other barriers of fluency in speaking and communication.
  • Each individual student’s attention is focused on the program material being studied, ultimately increasing the attention span of the student and teaching the student to listen and analyze the content of the lesson.
  • The students will be able to speak and communicate in the target language with increased confidence and accuracy. They will also be able to use proper, formal language in the appropriate place.
  • Students acquire proficiency in four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Proficiency in these four skills will have a positive and long-term impact on academic performance of the students.
  • Students hear correct language patterns all the time that aids the process of communication.
  • The students are given the opportunity to work through the lesson material at a pace suited to their ability.
  • Oral test features allow instructors to test students with a question or stimulus and only record the student’s answer. Instructors can then playback the recorded answers at a later time for grading, without having to listen to the questions.
  • Since the teacher is not concentrating on producing the next question or drill, S/he can concentrate more on the student responses. The instructor has more time to produce materials and oversee class activities due to the automatically, rather than manually, controlled instructor console features.
  • Each student can listen to the lesson material at a level set by themselves for their own comfort.
  • In establishing the Language Lab, the most cost-effective methods are chosen. The use of computer that includes server computer with client computers (work-stations) for students introduces many significant opportunities in one classroom. The use of technological features with good teaching ensures the development of students.
  • The language lab provides all students the equal opportunity to hear the instructor and to be heard by the instructor. None of the lesson material is misheard due to the direct nature of the sound transmission heard by each student via his or her individual headset.
  • The teacher/instructor is able to monitor each and every student’s/ learner’s problems, activities and progress and aid him/her with guidance as necessary.
  • The students/learners get opportunity to discuss personally with the teacher/instructor.
  • The students/ learners are made familiar with the real environment.
  • They do not only learn the grammatical and structural rules but also practice its application.
  • To cope with the global competitive environment, proficiency in English and other internationally recognized languages is essential. In this circumstance, the students are introduced with various contexts in which the target language is used globally. This covers difference in accent, expressions, and use of words. The students are shown videos, live programs etc. to make them familiar with different contexts.
  • This will ensure the achievement of tertiary education development goals of the government.


Operation & Maintenance of Equipment /Instrument:

The instructors are skilled and trained in teaching and disseminating knowledge related to language learning process. At the same time, expert trainers will be appointed for the benefit of the learners. On the other hand, experienced technicians and/or engineers are going to be employed who would efficiently handle the operation and maintenance of equipment to be procured under this sub-project.


Subproject Management Team:

  • SPM: Professor Syed Anwarul Huq, Professor of English and Dean, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, BUBT.
  • DSPM: Md. Shirazur Rahman, Lecturer, Department of English, BUBT.
  • Member: Dilruba, Lecturer, Department of English, BUBT.


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