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BUBT Photography Club is a creative hub for the students of BUBT for photography and cinematography. The club has been active since its inception on 24th February, 2014. BUBT Photography Club is holding its position by making a difference by capturing moments and displaying creativity in the form of photographs and cinematographs.

 Opportunities for the students

  • Students in this club have opportunities to develop their skills by learning and understanding photographic works in detail, which includes photo composition, creating artistic expression, use of the art software to edit and enhance photographic images, videography, cinematography, mobile photography
  • Students are also given an opportunity to photograph our university related activities and events in order to practice their
  • BUBT Photography Club can also be a good venue for meeting new people while having fun learning new things about



Common activities carried out by BUBT Photography Club includes-

  • Meetings: At meetings the club members openly discuss photography among themselves.
  • Photo exhibition: Through the exhibition, students of the university get an opportunity to showcase their photographic talents to the public.
  • Photo workshops and seminars: Photo workshops and seminars organised by the club and led by renowned photographers of the country help the students to develop their talents
  • Intra University Photo competition: BUBT Photography club organizes various photo competitions to develop the talent of the students.
  • Photo walk or club outings and field trips: Through outings BUBT Photography Club tries to teach students photography in a practical way.
  • Photo Adda/Photo discussion: Photo discussion are an opportunity for students to express any thoughts, questions and ideas they may have about photography.
  • Member Collection Campaign: Through Member Collection, students get an opportunity to develop their talent by joining the club.
  • Career Adda in the webinar: Apart from photography, BUBT Photography club also organizes career adda so that through adequate knowledge students can apply their skills in the right place.


The members of the club participated in various photography competitions held in the country and abroad and brought numerous prizes and honor to the university.  

BUBT Photography Club creates a great path to connect with others, take initiative, show leadership and creativity of the students. All levels of experience are welcome and encouraged in this club to explore this exciting side of the visual arts.


Bangladesh University of Business and Technology

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