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Among many targets set by the Department of Economics, BUBT in Self-Assessment projects of IQAC, BUBT under UGC and World Bank, the establishment of Economics Club is one of them. So the department took initiative to establish BUBT Economics Club in November ,2018. The faculty members and students of the Department of Economics of Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT) are dedicated to provide students with an environment to thrive, practice, and cultivate new economic skills by this club. The club will strictly follow the rules and regulations of this university.

Article I- Name, Mission Statement, Objective & Activities

Section 1.1: Name

The name of this organization will be the “BUBT Economics Club” 

Section 1.2: Mission Statement

Promoting the university to every possible way and building a channel with all economic and development organizations by creating new economic thoughts. 

Section 1.3:Objective

  • Knowledge expansion.
  • Competitive skill development.
  • Training, Workshop and arranging seminars
  • Research & Discussion.
  • Debate on Economic issues.
  • Discussion on economic terms& policies.

Section 1.4: Activities

All the activities of BUBT Economics Club will be opened to each and every valid club member and in some extent for all. The activities of the BUBT Economics Club:

  • To build linkup with different national and multinational economic organizations.
  • To create job opportunities in various national and multinational level.
  • To arrange different seminars and workshops by inviting resource persons.
  • To arrange different competition like debate, quiz contest, and easy writing etc.
  • To help student participate in different economic related competition organized by different institutions.


Article II- Member

Section 2.1-Type of member

Membership will be of two categories: i) General members  ii) Honorary members

  1. General Membership – All the existing students of the university will have the privilege to be a general member. Any student can become a general member by paying application fee.
  2. Honorary Membership – Any alumnus will have the opportunity to be an honorary member. Honorary members may not vote, hold office or chair committees.

Section 2.2

“BUBT Economics Club” will not discriminate in membership on the basis of race, creed, color, age, origin, disability, gender orientation, ethnicity, marital status, religion, veteran status of political affiliation.

Section 2.3

Members are free to leave or disassociate themselves from the club at any time.

Article III-Organizing and Authority

Section 3.1

All executive powers of the BUBT Economics Club will be vested in the Advisory Board in accordance with the duties of each of the positions prescribed in this constitution. The Advisory Committee will hold the power to exert authority over all the activities, maintenance, funds, documents and all the committees that are formed within the club to serve the purposes of the BUBT Economics Club.

Section 3.2

Committees within the club can be of the following types:

  • Advisory Committee
  • Executive Committee
  • Ad-hoc Committee
  • Committees for different projects regarding activities and maintenance purpose of the club
  • All the boards will adhere to the university laws, rules and regulations


Article IV-Advisory Committee

Section 4.1

Faculty member and officers will form the Advisory Committee of “BUBT Economics Club”. The Advisory Committee will be composed of the following official positions:

Section 4.2-Advisory Committee

  • Chief Patron
  • Patron
  • Chief Advisor
  • Advisor
  • Moderator

Section 4.3- Selection of Advisors 

The person for the position of Chief Advisor and the Advisors will be selected by Chief Patron through the discussion with Patron. Chief moderator and moderator will be selected by the Executive Advisor.

Section 4.4-Authority

  1. The Chief Patron will be the Chief of the Advisory Committee.
  2. The members of the Advisory Committee must follow the Policies, Procedure, and Guideline of this constitution.
  3. The project committee and Ad-hoc Committee will work under the supervision of the Advisory Committee. Only exception of this rule can be in the situation where no Advisory Committing is present. In that case, an Ad-hoc Committee will be formed to elect an Advisory Committee. Within this period of time, the Ad-hoc Committee will carry out the operation of the club.
  4. Advisory Committee will take any kind of decision according to the consent of other committee members.
  5. Only the Advisory Committee will hold the power to exert authority over all the activities, maintenance, funds, and documents of BUBT Economics Club.
  6. Advisory Committee will have the authority to form, reorganize, reform and terminate any kind of committee according to the constitution any time.
  7. The committee will have the authority to assign any job or activities regarding the club’s purpose to any of the members.
  8. All the members are bound to follow the decision of the Advisory Committee.
  9. If anyone shows any kind of disrespect to any decision of the Advisory Committee or deny following it, the Advisory Committee will take necessary steps to control the situation.

Section 4.5 Duties

  1. Planning and carrying out the activities of the club.
  2. Taking decisions regarding the club’s purpose according to this constitution. Communicating with students in the issues related to the activities of the club.


Article V Executive Committee

Section 5.1

Executive Committee will be formed by the students of department of Economics under the guidance of faculty members.

Section 5.2

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • General Secretary
  • Joint General Secretary
  • Organizing Secretary
  • Joint Organizing Secretary
  • Public Relation Secretary
  • Joint Public Relation Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Joint Treasurer
  • Office Secretary
  • Cultural Secretary
  • Event Secretary
  • Media and Creative Secretary
  • Executive Members


Article VI- Meeting and Voting

Section 6.1

The Advisory and Executive Committee will meet regularly.

Section 6.2

General Meetings – This meeting will be held regularly as decided by the club authority. Additional Chief Advisor will call and preside over the meeting. Meetings will be open to all the members of BUBT Economics Club. These meetings will be held to conduct the activities of the club.

Advisory Committee Meetings – This meeting will be held under special circumstances if the board members feel it necessary to meet.

Executive Board Meetings – This meeting will be held under special circumstances if the board members feel it necessary to meet. The participants of this meeting will only be the Executive Committee members.


Article VII- Resignation

Section 7.1 Advisory Committee

If any Advisor wants to resign from the post, he or she will have to submit a written resignation letter to the Chief Advisor of the Advisory Committee.

Section 7.2 Executive committee

If any member of the Executive Committee wants to resign from the post, he or she will have to submit a written resignation letter to the Chief Adviser of the Advisory Committee. 


Article VIII-Vacancy of Advisory Committee

Section 8.1

If Executive Advisor’s post becomes vacant, Chief Advisor with the consultation of the Chief Patron and the Patrons will appoint a new Advisor.

Section 8.2

In case of Vacancy of any position of the Executive committee, Executive Advisor with the consultation of the Chief Advisors will appoint a new person to the post. 


Article IX-Vacancy of Executive Committee

Section 9.1

If President’s post becomes vacant, Executive Advisor with the consultation of the chief Advisor and the Advisors will appointnew President.

Section 9.1

In case of the Vacancy of any position of the Advisory Committee, Executive Advisor with the consultation and other Advisors will appoint new Executive Advisor.


Article X-Finance

Section 10.1

BUBT Economics Club will maintain a fund for the payment of routine operating expenses and also for arranging different programs. The club may raise funds though sponsorship, donation or members can contribute as well.

Section 10.2

All payments / drawings will require the signature of the Executive Advisor. The Treasurer will be responsible for fund raising activities, maintenance and record keeping of the fund. The general secretary will be responsible for auditing the funds. Only the Executive Advisor may have the authority to sign over the funds. BUBT Economics Club shall maintain non-profit status.


Article XI-Amendment of the law or by –law

Any revision of this constitution- including amendment of the law or bylaw-can be undertaken by the approval of the Advisory committee.


Article XII-Jurisdiction

Section 12.1

By constitution the association will be submissive to the rules, regulations, and policies of the Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT). The rules, regulations, and policies of BUBT shall hold precedence over all rules, regulations and policies of the BUBT Economics Club and the affiliates club.

Section 12.2

The BUBT Economics Club will abide by the decisions of university if any change is brought against the club.

Name of the Faculties submitting the constitution:


Mr. Sirajul Islam (Chairman, Department of Economics)

Mrs. Mahmuda Jahan Papia  (Assistant Professor, BUBT)

Mr. Md. Mahmudul Hassan (Associate  Professor)

Mr. Md. Aminul Islam  (Assistant Professor)

Mr. Tareq Imam Zahid  (Lecturer)


Bangladesh University of Business and Technology

Rupnagar, Mirpur-2, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh
Phone: 02-4803-6351, 02-4803-6352, 02-4803-6353
One Stop Service Center: 01810033740 (for BUBT current students)

Admission Hotline Number: 01810033733
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