Bangladesh University of Business and Technology Library is a heart of the University. It helps always to the Students / Faculty members / Scholars to get more information. It takes care of its users to build up power of knowledge. As an academic library, it preserves Books, Journals, and Audio-visual materials on the course curriculum of the University. It also preserves more relevant Books, Journals, Reference books, Seminar papers, Reports, Newspaper clippings and other Non-books materials; which assist to fulfill academic needs of the user’s.

 At present BUBT library has two wings as a single unit. One is Permanent Campus library and other is Campus two Library



 Campus 01: Permanent Campus, Rupnagar, Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh

 Campus 02:  Dhaka Commerce College Campus, Mirpur-2, Dhaka-1216. Bangladesh.


Overview of Library

Total Area of Library :

Floor Space: 

Permanent Campus 1    = 2096 sq.ft.
Campus 2                            = 5678 sq.ft
Total                                      = 7774 sq. ft.

Number of Books: 24236

Number of Journals: 1590

Number of Audio Visual Resources:

No. of Seats for Reader: 

Campus- 2 Library                     =  250 +
Permanent campus Library   =  150
Total                                                 = 400

Books Issued Per Students: 02

Borrowing Period: Under Graduate for Weekly Post Graduate for two weeks

Computerized: Partial

Computer for Library User: 04

Online Cataloging: Yes

Journal Online Access: No

Software Used: Koha LIS



Library Administration

 Library Administrator :                       Pro-Vice Chancellor

Deputy Librarian

(Library in Charge)                 :           Binoy Kumar Roy


Library Officials:

 Assistant Cataloguer           :                       Md. Shahjahan Ali

Library Assistant                    :                       Mrs. Kutshia

Library Assistant                    :                       Mrs. Sabina Islam

Book Sorter                              :                       Md. Shadat Alam

Book Sorter                              :                       Md. Shiful Islam

Book Sorter                              :                       Md. Rafiqul Islam


The librarian or library administrator is responsible for the management of the Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT) Library services, reporting to the University Executive. Under the overall direction of the librarian or Library administrator, it is responsibility of library staff to provide appropriate services and to safeguard the library and their contents. 


Library Service and Facilities :          

 Library Hours:

 Open              : Seven days in a weak

  • 00 am to 9.30 pm (Saturday and Sunday)
  • 00 am to 9.30 pm (Wednesday to Friday)
  • 00 am to 5.00 pm Monday only

Close              : Other Holiday

Changes in Library Hours will be effected with proper notification.


User’s Community:

  1. Members of Authority
  2. Faculty Members
  3. Officers
  4. Staff
  5. Students
  6. Research Scholars


Library Services:  

  1. Readers services
  2. Reference service
  3. Borrowing service
  4. Journal / Magazine service
  5. Newspapers service
  6. Audio-visual service
  7. Online Cataloging searching and borrowing service


Library Policy and Rules :

 The Books How to Organize:

This University Library is a open shelves system library. The Library Books are organized by DDC System. Classification of Books in the shelves under appropriate subject heading such as Economics, Accounting, Statistics, Computer Science are being made to help the user’s to find the types of the books they need.

General Rules:

  1. A student, an officer, a part-time teacher can borrow two books for a week. The books may be renewed for another week.
  2. A Faculty member can borrow five books for two weeks. The books may be renewed for another week.
  3. The member of the Authority can borrow books for a Month.
  4. All users must perform their Library work within the scheduled time.
  5. Return the books before the expiry of the borrowing period.
  6. Library card must be shown to borrow the books.
  7. The books after borrowing, the liability is on borrower. If the books are lost or damaged by any reason, borrower must replacement in the same copy of the books. Otherwise borrower will be paid double price of those books.
  8. Lost the Library card, borrower will get a new card from the library to deposit tk. 50.00 on account of library card.
  9. Library card is not transferable.
  10. While using the book a users must take sufficient care of the book and will not makes any harm is done to its.
  11. The Librarian reserve the right to suspend the membership of any member found misbehaving, abusing the library staff or behaving in an indecent manner.


Borrowing Right:

  1. Staff, graduates & Undergraduates have the same borrowing rights.
  2. Two items may be borrowed at a time. Four items may be borrowed at vacation.
  3. For temporary issued books may be borrowed at any time during the day and due back by closing time of the day.
  4. Special books or materials can only be borrowed for one day.
  5. Reference books, journals, pamphlets, theses & audio-visual materials may not be borrowed.


Borrowing Procedures:

 When a user wants to borrow the book, user writes down the call no, Book title, Author name, Accession no in the Register book then will do the following:

  1. Take the book to the Library Assistant.
  2. Show and surrender the library card to the library assistant.
  3. For temporary issue, borrower must surrender the ID card to the library assistant.
  4. Check thoroughly the borrowing books and draw the attention of the library assistant to any defects, mutilation, writing, underlining marking etc. if any; otherwise no objection would be accepted at the time of return.
  5. Return the books on or before the expiry of the borrowing period.



 Subject to availability, the prescribe Textbook will be issued to the students. If sufficient copies are not available, Text book may be issued jointly or severally. The Textbook of the concerned course(s) must be returned on the date of the term final examination of the respective course(s) or the borrower must pay overdue charge at the following rates 

  1. Overdue items incur fines at the rate of Tk. 5.00 per item per day.
  2. Special books or material will be overdue charged at the rate of Tk. 5.00 per item per day.
  3. If the books are lost or damaged by any reason, borrower must replacement in the same copy of the books. Otherwise borrower will be paid double or triple price of those books.

While you have outstanding fines on your account you will not be able to borrow books. Fines still outstanding at graduation will be treated as debts to the University, which may be affect the award of a degree.


Library Clearance: 

  1. The students who are dismissed from the program and who have returned all library books and documents and paid all other library dues and the results of their examination are published, and then they will get library clearance.
  2. At the time of library clearance, user must surrender library card to the Library.
  3. The official release order to the faculty, officers and staff of the institute who are going abroad or leaving the service of the institute may not be issued until a library clearance in writing is submitted by the concerned Faculty, Officers and staff to the office of the administrator.
  4. A statement of obligations to the library must accompany the application of withdrawal from the course; otherwise withdrawal should not be considered.  


Library Manners: 

  1. Use the library Books, Journals, Documents and other materials with careful.
  2. Conversation at the reading room and loud speaking in any part of the library building are prohibited.
  3. Smoking, Eating and Drinking inside the library area are strictly prohibited.
  4. Writing or marking in books belonging to the library, or their mutilation in any manner is forbidden.
  5. Personal possession will not be allowed in the library except Exercise books, pen, Geometric box, Calculator and such as.
  6. Mobile phone must be switched off before entering the library.
  7. Disciplinary action will be taken against users who disturb normal library environment.
  8. No photography is allowed in the library without permission from staff
  9. Bags can be taken into the library bag rack but the faculty is not responsible for any loss, damage or theft of personal property.

It is expected that strict observance of the library rules will be practiced by the user for the benefit of all.


Contact Person:

Binoy Kumar Roy
Deputy Librarian
PABX No:  112
Cell No: 01556304273
E-mail: official:



Bangladesh University of Business and Technology

Rupnagar R/A, Mirpur-2, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh
Phone: 01967169189, 01845734337, 01680050630,
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