Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT) is one of the leading Government and U G C approved universities of Bangladesh that has committed itself to providing education of outstanding quality and training relevant to the needs of modern society since its very inception in the year 2003. BUBT is now a globally recognized University in the private sector of Bangladesh. It has become members of prestigious Organizations like the Association of Commonwealth Universities, the Association of International Universities and the Association of Management Development Institutions in South Asia.

BUBT prioritises to have rich faculties. We have an effective team of academics with proper qualifications, training and experience. Our students are always benefited by their expertise in enriching their knowledge in different areas of learning. The main focus of BUBT is on imparting quality education in different fields of knowledge to the students who are admitted here by choice and on merit, not through any favour.

In this era of globalization and open market policy only theoretical knowledge is not sufficient for survival in an increasingly competitive world. We are fully aware of this phenomena and we are committed to educate and guide our students to this direction, so that they can easily realize their full career potentials and enhance their levels of knowledge and make their skills and understanding up to date. In addition to these, in this new millennium the world has become a global village that brings a host of threats and challenges and unfolds a lot of opportunities before us. We understand that in these situations students must be innovative in their thinking and must be creative in their efforts and endeavours to avail and exploit these opportunities and face these threats and challenges. For this purpose they should have time-based and need-based education, training and development. We believe that higher education does not just mean providing knowledge from books, but it also means developing students with right attributes of the successful entrepreneurs, efficient managers, tactful leaders and effective academics to face the challenges of life with greater determination for success.

Keeping all these points in view we, at BUBT, have designed the courses and curricula attaching priority to both education and human resource development of our students so that they can play a very significant role in contributing to the socio-economic development of Bangladesh. For the purpose of transforming the educated manpower into human resources, orientation of the students through excursion, internship, extracurricular and co-curricular activities are being emphasized at BUBT, side by side with theoretical knowledge.

Through the academic programs and extra-academic activities we are trying to help our students acquire an extent of knowledge, a breadth of mind and a depth of character that may ultimately enable them to face the hard realities of life with faith, courage, confidence and conviction.

I believe that our students are important not only for the present, but also for the future and they are our ambassadors in all walks of life. BUBT will always be supportive to its students in developing their educational qualifications, managerial capabilities, leadership qualities, entrepreneurial efforts, team spirit and interpersonal relationships toward the right direction in order to equip themselves with necessary qualities for facing the challenges with confidence, creativity and equanimity and to fight the battle of their lives skilfully.

Our future challenge is to achieve our success and also to make advancement in new areas of glory to ensure that BUBT continues to compete with the very best. We would do everything possible to promote BUBT's reputation and ambition. I hope the contributions and achievements of BUBT would be a constant source of pride and pleasure to all of us.


Professor Md. Abu Saleh
Vice Chancellor


Bangladesh University of Business and Technology

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