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Message from the Proctor

With the motto of “Committed to Academic Excellence”, Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT) aims to be a leading educational institution for academic excellence, innovation and research. The mission of BUBT is, therefore, to provide quality education to students through innovative teaching and learning process at an affordable cost for transforming BUBT graduates into competent human resources. Its principal objective is to produce highly skilled manpower capable of contributing to the national development as entrepreneurs, academics, professionals and administrators. For the purpose of achieving this objective, BUBT always maintains a non-political and non-smoking environment, and safe and well-protected campus.  BUBT strives to keep its campus free from all sorts of nuisance, immoral activities and cyber-crimes. The campus is also free from terrorism, extremism, radicalism and all sorts of unsocial activities. It ensures mutual respect and freedom for everyone along with the commitment to be the role model to the student community, and a powerhouse of academic excellence.

As the excellent physical facilities and the imparting of outstanding quality education, the advancement of knowledge and building of social and moral responsibility among the graduates cannot function without a safe and comfortable learning environment, so BUBT always strives to create a congenial environment by making and observing necessary policies so that no member of BUBT may interfere with the rights of the fellow members.  All persons working at and attending BUBT are responsible for the creation and maintenance of such an environment.

Every student, upon registration at BUBT, is placed under the rules of discipline that set out the standard of conduct expected of the students. Every student is to strictly follow the Students’ Code of Conduct, Dress Code Policy, Examination Policy (related to disciplinary rules), Students’ Instruction (in Bangla), and other instructions issued by the University, rules and regulations of the UGC, Bangladesh, Ministry of Education, etc. Violation of any rules or regulations is liable to punishment from relocation of section to expulsion from BUBT.  

At BUBT, there are different committees like Discipline Committee, Anti-ragging Committee, Anti-militancy and Anti-terrorism Cell, Sexual Harassment Prevention Committee, Anti-drug Committee, etc. working for the maintenance of discipline, protecting the rights of the students and keeping them safe at campus.

The Proctorial team members are always present to assist the students with their primary role to implement Students’ Code of Conduct and different policies of BUBT to uphold the congenial learning environment for fulfilling the academic expectations of the students, their parents and the society.

Expectation from BUBT students

To enjoy smooth academic life at BUBT every student:

  • Shall wear her/his ID card issued by the University during her/his stay in the campus;
  • Must keep away from engaging in any sort of political activity and smoking within the campus;
  • Should be dressed in a manner befitting to the academic environment of the campus and should maintain socially and culturally acceptable descent dress code;
  • Must abide by the rules and regulations as well as the instructions issued from time to time by the University authority.



Proctorial Team Members

SL No. Name Designation E-mail Ext Picture
1. Wing Commander Md Momenul Islam (Retd.) Proctor proctor@bubt.edu.bd 108
2. Mr. Md. Abdullah Al Azad
Asst. Prof. of English
Assistant Proctor azadwell@gmail.com 252
3. Mr. Md. Aslam Uddin
Asst. Prof. of Marketing
Assistant Proctor aslam@bubt.edu.bd 257
4. Ms. Mahmuda Jahan Papia
Asst. Prof. of Economics
Assistant Proctor mahmudapapia24@gmai.com 231
5. Sadah Anjum Shanto
Asst. Prof. of CSE
Assistant Proctor sshanto@bubt.edu.bd 271


Policies, Rules and Regulations


Different Committees


Bangladesh University of Business and Technology

Rupnagar, Mirpur-2, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh
Phone: 02-4803-6351, 02-4803-6352, 02-4803-6353
One Stop Service Center: 01810033740 (for BUBT current students)

Admission Hotline Number: 01810033733
Cell: 01810033701, 01810033702, 01810033703
01810033704, 01810033705, 01810033706
01967169189, 01845734337, 01680050630
Email: info@bubt.edu.bd