Mission and Vision for the B.Sc. in CSE

The mission and vision of the department is aligned with that of the university in accordance to national relevance.



The mission of the department is to:

  1. Provide high quality education and profession oriented training in Computer Science and Engineering field with a minimum
  2. Prepare our students to be a high quality IT professionals and
  3. Prepare students to update themselves to cope with the rapid changes Computer Science and Engineering concepts.
  4. Provide the state of the art tools and techniques in Computer Science and Engineering to the door steps of common people at minimum
  5. Boosting the computational problem solving skills of the



The vision of the department of Computer Science and Engineering is to become the center of excellence for learning and innovation as well as to nurture industry oriented IT professionals to meet the national and global challenges of the 21st century at a minimum cost.


Graduate Profile

The graduate profile of the department of CSE is intended to be aligned with both institutional goals and the learning outcomes of individual courses. The department devises it program in such a way that it intends its graduate to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes through their study to equip them for their future education and employment. Our graduate acquires specialized job knowledge through hardware and software courses so that they can apply engineering knowledge effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse teams and in multi-disciplinary settings to mitigate professional, personal and societal needs. They achieve analytical and problem solving skills through different courses in the program so they become able to identify and formulate complex computational problems and could design solutions that meet specified national and global needs. They are also taught to master communication, interpersonal and teambuilding skills to make them capable of communicating effectively in known and unfamiliar complex scenarios in verbal and written forms. They are encouraged to develop ethical principles throughout the university life so that they can practice professional responsibilities ethically. Course are designed and taught in such a way that the students can obtain the adaptability in dynamic environment where technologies are ever changing.


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