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Program Learning Outcomes (PLO) for the B.Sc. in CSE

  • Ability to acquire and apply knowledge: Would be able to apply acquired knowledge of computing to the solution of complex computational
  • Real life problem analysis and Design Solution: Would be able to identify and formulate complex computational problems and could design solutions that meet specified national and global needs.
  • Ability to design, Development and Maintenance of Computing Systems: An ability to design and develop computing systems on the basis of the user demand with appropriate state of the art tools and techniques and could maintain the change
  • Ability to conduct, evaluate and interprets experiments: Would be able to design, conduct, analyze, evaluate and interpret the results of experiments/ modules appropriate to computer science and engineering and information technology.
  • Understanding the social impact of engineering decisions: Would be able to make decisions for engineering solutions and could understand the socio-economic and environmental impacts of the decisions in national and global
  • Ability for research and innovation: Would be able to conduct research to critically review, evaluate, interpret, and compare the state of the art technologies, and could create knowledge in chosen
  • Ability to individual and team work within profession and beyond professional careers: Would be able to acquire broad knowledge to contribute in performing assigned responsibilities effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse teams and in multi-disciplinary settings to mitigate professional, personal and societal needs
  • Adaptive with new technologies: Would be able to cope with modern tools and technologies for creating, selecting, and applying appropriate techniques, resources and modern engineering and IT tools, including prediction and modeling, to complex engineering activities, with an understanding of the
  • Communication Skills: Would be able to communicate effectively in known and unfamiliar complex scenarios in verbal and written
  • Professional and Ethical Development: Would be able to understand and practice professional responsibilities and ethical
  • Project management and finance: Would be able to understand engineering management principles and economic decision-making and could apply these to professional
  • Life-long learning: Would be able to cope with the dynamic nature of computer Science and Engineering by demonstrating effective independent learning



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