Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT) is a leading and emerging university providing quality education. One of the most advanced departments under the Faculty of Engineering & Applied Sciences is the Department of Textile Engineering. It has been designed for the students to acquire sufficient knowledge and understand the principles and techniques of Textile Sciences.



Department of Textile Engineering has a good number of expert, qualified and top ranking full time faculty members serving and working hard to ensure quality education. They also have extensive professional experience and practice. The main areas covered by these faculties are textile engineering, mechanical engineering and chemistry.

Faculties graduated with brilliant results from Bangladesh University of Textile Engineering (BUTEX), Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Dhaka University, Jahangirnagar University, Islamic University of Technology (IUT), Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University, Chittagong Textile Engineering College, Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology (CUET) are teaching here.

The adjunct faculties are from BUTEX, Bangladesh Jute Research Institute (BJRI), NITER, and IUT. Besides some professionals from renowned textiles industries also come for teaching up-to-date practices on textile technology.

More qualified faculty members are being recruited as the department expands and offers the most varying courses on modern up-to-date textile technology.



Department of Textile Engineering welcomes its new students in three semesters, namely Fall, Spring and Summer. It offers two programs, B. Sc. in Textile Engineering for the students having science background in both The S.S.C. and The H.S.C. or A and O levels; and B. Sc. in Textile Engineering for diploma engineers. A great number of enthusiastic and brilliant learners get themselves admitted in Textile Engineering Department.


Class Rooms

All class rooms are spacious and well furnished with spacious chairs and desks for individual students. Multimedia projectors and high profile computers are present to ensure all kind of audio-visual presentation. Each room is air conditioned.



Department of Textile Engineering collects the most useful, important and costly books from world renowned publishers like Woodhead, CLC, Textile Institute, etc. so that students can easily study, gain knowledge and conduct research. Students can borrow books and the goal of the department is to provide them with necessary resources. For this reason a large amount of the budget is used for collecting books in every semester.


Lab Facilities

In order to give the students proper practical knowledge along with theoretical knowledge the department has state-of-the art laboratories. We have Yarn Manufacturing Laboratory, Fabric Manufacturing (Weaving & Knitting) Laboratory, Apparel Manufacturing Laboratory, Fabric Structure Design Laboratory, Wet Processing Laboratory, Quality Control Laboratory, CAD Laboratory. These laboratories are well-spaced and decorated with all the modern machineries, research facilities and testing equipments so that students can gather knowledge about the instruments that most of the well renowned industries are using now-a-days. As a major part of Textile Engineering comprises with mechanical engineering, the department is providing Engineering Drawing Laboratory, Mechanical Engineering Model Laboratory and Workshop Practice Laboratory where students can gain a practical knowledge on different mechanical engineering principles and devices. The department is also providing Chemistry one laboratory which is also very well equipped where students are engaged in studying reactions needed for their study.

Highly trained instructors are always present under the supervision of a faculty to ensure the safety and proper learning of the students.


Student development programs

i) Workshop & Seminars

Textile Engineering Department also arranges workshops for the better future of the students. In these workshops, students can talk directly to the CEO, managers and other executives of many renowned companies of Bangladesh. These companies also share their experience, opinion and suggestions regarding the current situation of Textile Engineering in Bangladesh.

ii) Clubs at Textile Engineering Department

To create bonding among the students of the department, as well as to maintain a network with the alumni of this department, students are actively taking part in the club activities and the main platform for this is the Textile Club.  

iii) Other Clubs

Students of Textile Engineering Department have the opportunity to become members of various clubs such as Debating Club, Cultural Club, Sports Club, IT Club, Robotics Club, etc.

iv) Industrial Visits

The course curriculum also includes factory visits and study tours in companies like Beximco, Partex, Square Group of Industries, Rahmat Group, FCI (BD Ltd.), JAMUNA Fashion Wares Ltd. Sinha Group, Micro Fiber Group Ltd., etc.          

v) Industrial Attachment Project

Moreover, to fulfill the requirements of completing the graduation students have to take an eight-week long industrial attachment program during the last year of study which prepares them for the working environment they have to face after graduation. So the students here are getting acquainted with the companies where they have to work in the near future.


Tours and Recreational Activities

The department arranges annual tour to different locations throughout Bangladesh such as Madhabkunda, Kaptai, Cox’s Bazaar and St. Martin’s Island, Khagrachori, etc. Students of the department also take part in many cultural events.


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