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Message from the Chairman

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to Department of English of Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT). As the department Chair, I would like to extend my heartiest greetings to all who have decided to study in this department. Department of English at BUBT is an abode of inspiration, motivation and encouragement. It treasures talent, creativity and innovation, and searches for artistry and novelty. It inspires fluency, spontaneity, creativity and expressiveness. I firmly believe that this department is unique in many ways. We nourish an environment of education and accomplishment; the students do not just understand and memorize lessons related to the course contents, but also acquire inclusive and complete knowledge of the chosen field of study. We pledge to develop a student as a better human being with knowledge, skill, an enlightened mind and a widened heart. With such an aspiration, the teachers of English department try to explore the hidden capabilities of students. This department proudly takes the responsibility of grooming the students of other departments of BUBT to make them acquire proficiency in using English in the academic sphere as well as everyday life. In this present day world, English is not a mere language, it is the medium of... Read More

Md. Sabbir Ahmed

Md. Sabbir Ahmed

Assistant Professor & Chairman

Welcome to the Department

Department of English at BUBT nurtures the sense of contemporaneity. The students are introduced to the requirements and necessities of the present world and are groomed and trained accordingly. They are guided and encouraged to develop themselves appropriately to face the challenges of the time. In today’s world, English is the most widely used language of global communication in the fields of international trade, Information Technology, politics, and many more. Therefore, the young generation needs to possess the skill and proficiency of using English in different contexts: academic, professional and everyday life. Department of English at BUBT offers programs that encompass such possibilities and prospects so that the students get the opportunity to successfully encounter national and global challenges in their ways towards prosperity. The freshmen students get the... View Details

History of the Department

Department of English is one of the earliest and vibrant departments at BUBT. The journey started with the launching of B.A. (Hons.) in English program in Summer Trimester of 2004 (June 2004 – September 2004) with fourteen students in the 1st intake. It happened with the dynamic leadership of the then Chairman, Prof. Abu Taher Mojumder, a former Professor of Jahangirnagar University. During this time, the other faculty members of this department were Shaila Sultana (recently working as an Associate Professor of English, IML, University of Dhaka) and Mushfeka Deeba, now an Assistant Professor at BUBT. Later on, other faculty members from different public and private universities enriched the department with their valuable contributions. From then on, the department grew bit by bit in quality and quantity and the growth still continues. Now it has become a full-fledged... View Details

Mission and Vision of the Department

Mission Department of English at BUBT inspires and encourages quality learning and teaching environment for the betterment of students’ skills and abilities, which are not limited to but inclusive of the following: Developing students’ communication skills, interactive ability and proficiency in the use of English for reading, writing, listening and speaking in any context – academic, professional or creative. Ensuring efficiency in understanding and interpreting literary texts and traditions from various points of views and literary theoretical standpoints and thus generate ideas and even own perspective on ethics, identity, politics, history, economics, aesthetics, and many other subjects. Improving students’ ability to interpret analytical, descriptive, argumentative, critical and imaginative thinking and relate them to social, cultural and historical... View Details

BUBT Language Lab

Department of English has established a Language Laboratory. It is equipped with the facilities of modern technologies. The Lab was established in 2018 under the Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project (HEQEP) of the University Grants Commission (UGC) and the Ministry of Education, Government of Bangladesh. It was jointly financed by the World Bank and BUBT. The Language Lab is a platform for learning, and practicing language skills through interactive and communicative mode of teaching, modern and updated technological options. BUBT Language Lab is furnished with necessary technical equipment for the four language skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. It has three labs: Listening Lab with Computer Workstations for students and instructors, Speaking Lab with Record-Playback options, and Reading-Writing Lab with all modern technological features. The target of achieving... View Details




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