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Message from the Chairman

Welcome to the Department of Textile Engineering, Bangladesh University of Business andTechnology - one of the most advanced department under the Faculty of Engineering & AppliedSciences. The department started its journey in 2010. It has been designed for the students toacquire sufficient knowledge and understanding the principle and technique of Textile Scienceand clothing. At present, there are about twenty one highly qualified and dedicated facultymembers to prepare our students to meet the global engineering challenges of the twenty firstcentury. The department is persistent in its effort to develop its students not only as competentengineers but also as creative and responsible members of the society. The department maintains twelve modern laboratories for instructions and graduate researchworks. It is organized into four major streams: Yarn Manufacturing Technology, FabricManufacturing Technology, Wet Processing Technology and Garments ManufacturingTechnology. It provides students with a comprehensive knowledge and expertise in alldisciplines of Textile Engineering. We are focusing to contribute to the textile sector of Bangladesh and accordingly we are puttingour utmost effort to prepare a conversant textile engineer. I believe there are huge opportunitiesto... Read More

Dr. Mohammad Abdul Jalil

Dr. Mohammad Abdul Jalil

Professor & Chairman

Welcome to the Department

Documentary Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT) is a leading and emerging university providing quality education. One of the most advanced departments under the Faculty of Engineering & Applied Sciences is the Department of Textile Engineering. It has been designed for the students to acquire sufficient knowledge and understand the principles and techniques of Textile Sciences.   Faculties Department of Textile Engineering has a good number of expert, qualified and top ranking full time faculty members serving and working hard to ensure quality education. They also have extensive professional experience and practice. The main areas covered by these faculties are textile engineering, mechanical engineering and chemistry. Faculties graduated with brilliant results from Bangladesh University of Textile Engineering (BUTEX), Bangladesh University of... View Details

History of the Department

The department began its journey in October, 2010 with only fourteen students. After two semesters the evening program, B. Sc. in Textile Engineering for Diploma Engineers, was started. Since then twenty intakes in day program and eighteen intakes in evening program ( up to February, 2017) have got admitted; as each year admission is open for three semesters. Students of Eight intakes in day program and eight intakes in evening have completed their graduations (up to February, 2017).... View Details

Mission and Vision

Providing quality education for all at an affordable expense – is the motto of the Department of Textile Engineering, BUBT. The department wants to produce not only skilled textile engineers to meet the increasing demand of the largest growing economic sector of Bangladesh but also good human beings who will be able to contribute to the society, nation and the world. To achieve these goals the function of the Department of Textile Engineering work restlessly. It is improving its infrastructures, resources, academic staffs, etc. continuously. Building up and maintaining networks with the leading Textile Institutes, Universities, and Industries is the prime task of this department.... View Details

Getting around the Department (architectural view)

Department of Textile Engineering is located in the permanent campus of Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT). It is comprised of the Ground, 1st and 7th floors of the three connected buildings. Among these three buildings middle one is six-storied, south one is nine-storied and the north one is ten-storied. The department is under complete surveillance of IP camera for total security.... View Details

Resources / Facilities

Department of Textile Engineering at BUBT is enriched with modern and factory oriented textile machineries which help the undergraduate students to be compatible as a future potential textile engineer. In this regard this department has been provided with modern machineries in all the four major streams like Yarn Manufacturing Technology, Fabric Manufacturing Technology, Wet Processing Technology and Apparel Manufacturing Technology.   Fabric Manufacturing Technology:      Wet Processing Technology              Yarn Manufacturing Technology               Apparel Manufacturing Technology              Textile Testing and Quality... View Details




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