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Message from the Chairman

Heartiest Welcome to the Department of Economics, Bangladesh University of Business andTechnology (BUBT)- a potential  place of learning Economics.  The Department of Economics is operated by a group of highly qualified faculty members. There are sixteen regular faculty members who are efficient both in quality teaching and doing research.  The areas of research are diverse such as International Economics, Economic Development, Sustainable Development, Industrial Economics, Agricultural Economics, and so on. Students are being prepared for the future with upgrading teaching methodologies and practicing software to do empirical research.  The trained faculty members supervise the students in their report and project works in each semester. Students share their views in different aspects to the improvement of teaching learning procedure. The students have opportunities to perform different cultural activities. They also have opportunities to join several clubs of the university. The department arranges study tour for the students to broaden their practical knowledge.  The department also arranges several workshops, seminars and debate competitions on contemporary economic issues. To keep pace with the challenging Economic perspectives the department... Read More

Md. Mahmudul Hassan

Md. Mahmudul Hassan

Associate Professor & Chairman

About of the Department

About The Department Economics is widely viewed as a leading social science in the world today. Economics is a field dealing with important and interesting subjects such as capitalism vs. socialism, management of inflation and unemployment, economic development of poor countries, pollution and global warming, energy policy, national defense, international trade and finance, social security, and many other specific government policies such as deregulation of electricity, the minimum wage, agricultural price supports, and rent control. Economics is highly regarded as a successful academic field which operates at the highest intellectual level. As a mark of significance, there is a Nobel Prize in Economic Science. Economics is a dynamic field which is constantly expanding its scope. Along with this stream, BUBT introduces Environment and Development Economics as a specialized program... View Details

History of the Department

History of the Department Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT) established the Department of Economics as a separate discipline in 2007 in order to support higher studies in the field of economics. Initially, the department offered only M.Sc. in Economics program. It was launched in Fall 2007-2008 semester. Afterwards, the department offered B.Sc. (Hons.) in Economics program in Fall 2008-09 Semester. After one year, Department of Economics offered another program in the undergraduate level: B.Sc. (Hons.) in Environment and Development Economics (EDE) in the Spring Semester 2010. The founding Chairman of the department was Ms. Shamima Sultana, who held the chair from January 2008 to March 30, 2011. Afterwards, Mr. Muhammad Rabi Ullah was appointed The Chairman from April 1, 2012 to May 31, 2015. Mr. S. M. Woahid Murad has been working as Chairman of the department... View Details

Mission and Vision of the Department

Mission and Vision of the Department The key mission of the department is to offer educational opportunities to students for preparing them to be proficient citizens and professionals. After completing their studies, they will be able to do in-depth thinking and sovereign analysis. The department also aims to create manpower for developing the economy of Bangladesh. Faculty members of the department exhibit an incessant professional maturity in teaching, side by side, their expertise in applied and theoretical economics research. With this broad ambition in view the following key principles have been laid down: Emphasizing excellent teaching Keeping class sizes small and personal Utilizing latest technology in classes Demonstrating capability through continuous professional development and research Offering scholarship for meritorious students Ensuring competent and... View Details

Department Information

Getting Around the Department Department of Economics is located in the first building (6th to 8th floor) in the permanent campus of BUBT. The building (9 storied) is situated in Road#9. The building is flanked by some other departments, central library, cafeteria, etc. There are two lifts (one is for the faculty members and officers and The other is for the students) that run through the building for effective mobility. The sixth floor consists of classrooms, faculty room, etc. The department is under twenty four hour complete surveillance. Sixth Floor The department is comprised of the 6th, 7th and 8th floor respectively. The Chairperson’s office is in Room no. 701 which is also used as the faculty room and there are 2 digitized classrooms R#702 and R#703 on the 6th floor for the students of the department. All the notices regarding the university and student affairs are... View Details

Resources and Facilities

The department has highly qualified teachers. They are regularly publishing their scholarly research papers in peer-reviewed national and international academic journals. Air Conditioned, spacious and well-furnished classrooms are available for all the students. For effective teaching and learning, there are arrangements of multimedia, overhead projector, free Wi-Fi facility, computer facilities with econometric software and other scientific equipments. The university has two big air-conditioned and spacious libraries with sufficient textbooks, journals, and other materials.  The students have the access to these libraries for studying and borrowing books for studies at home.... View Details




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