Message from the Chairman

Dear would be students and guardians, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at BUBT. BUBT is one of the leading private universities of Bangladesh having its Permanent Campus in Rupnagar, a key location of Dhaka City. The discovery of electricity has transformed the world in every possible manner. This phenomenon, which is mostly taken as granted, has had a huge impact on people's lifestyles. Most, if not all modern scientific discoveries are indebted to the advent of electricity. It is of no surprise  that science and engineering of diverse disciplines such as Computer Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Textile Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, to name a few are required to take courses related  to concepts of electrical circuits. Moreover, due to the current economical and environmental issues, it has never been so important to device new strategies and search for alternative sources and green energy to tackle the ever increasing demand for electrical power. The knowledge earned and skills developed from the courses in EEE at BUBT prepare the young undergraduates to work in industries and learn more advanced techniques that constitute an integral part of their lives. Considering the... Read More

M. Azharul Haque

M. Azharul Haque

Associate Professor & Chairman

Welcome to the Department

Dept. of EEE officially welcomes new and existing students to the department. It is an exciting time for students as they settle into the campus.  We are aware of the fact that prospective students and their families expect the university to be student-friendly.  They want to know about the programs, services and resources of BUBT which are available in the campus – and which are the ‘Best of the Best'. There is a lot to find for BUBT life in the campuses.  Many of them are specifically addressing recruitment and academic retention efforts for BUBT students as well as concerns for transgender student safety.  In order to be in the top of the listing, BUBT always tries to be in the highest percentages in the student-friendly benchmarks for policies, programs and practices. Students come to a university leaving the environment of secondary and higher... View Details

History of the Department

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering was established in 2010. From the very beginning of the department, it has been operating two shifts – one in the day and the other in the evening. The curriculum for both the Day and Evening programs are the same and the students of both the shifts are to complete 154.5 credits including a Thesis/ Senior Project of 4.5 credits to earn a B.Sc. Engineering degree in EEE.  The 1st Intake of Day program started in Fall 2010-2011 and the 1st Intake of Evening program also started in Fall 2010-2011  semester with xxx students. Currently Day shift is running (xxx) Intake and the Evening shift is running (xxx) Intake.  Now, EEE Dept. has (xxxx) students – (xxx) in Day shift and  (xxx) students in the Evening shift.... View Details

Vision and Mission of the Department

Vision The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering is committed to innovation and excellence in teaching, research and services. We want to achieve this vision by recruiting high caliber faculty and students, and by continually improving our curriculum and teaching methods. EEE Department strives to produce undergraduates with foundation in Electrical and Electronics Engineering who can cater to the dynamic needs of the industry and to provide a diverse and stimulating environment for quality research and facilitates congenial atmosphere that is conducive to the intellectual and scholarly pursuits of faculty and students.   Mission The mission of EEE Program is to ensure a long-term development in close association with the society and the business sector. The department stands for excellent graduate education in the courses it offers and the diverse research... View Details

Job Prospects and Available Job Titles

Some available job opportunities for graduates of EEE are: Circuit Designing, Communications Engineering, Control Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Engineering Management, Computer Engineering, Power System Engineering, Robotic Engineering, Technical Writing, Technical Sales Associate, Industrial Technologist, and Aerospace Engineering.... View Details


Getting Around the Department Academic Life in EEE at BUBT: The student-faculty ratio at BUBT is 30:1, and the EEE has 100 percent of its classes with fewer than 45 students.  Thanks to our high faculty-to-student ratio. Students have greater opportunities to connect with the faculty members and develop mentoring relationships. There are opportunities for students having aptitude in debate, music, Sports, drama, photography, etc. to show their talents by participating in the extracurricular and co-curricular activities organized by the university and the activities organized by students through various clubs sponsored by the university authority.... View Details

Resources & Facilities of the Department

The department always encourages the students in implementing their academic and other project ideas by providing the lab facilities and a faculty member as the supervisor of the work. There is a dedicated lab room for this purpose which ensures developed quality products for proper Research and Development. In addition, the students can access the journals and thesis papers from the department which helps them extend their ideas in different fields such as Robotics, Automation, Embedded Systems Designing, Mobile applications, etc. The faculty members of EEE department are very much student friendly and cooperative in advising and guiding them to utilize their potentials. In order to provide an effective learning environment, the EEE Department at BUBT has arranged the following facilities: Highly qualified faculty members with foreign degrees; Three dedicated floors (5th, 6th and... View Details



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