Md. Mahmudul Hassan

Associate Professor
Department of Economics

Faculty Code: MHN

Room No: 901 Permanent campus , EXT: 230

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  • Ph. D in Economics, Jahangirnagar University, 2019
  • MSc in Economics, Jahangirnagar University, 2010
  • B.Sc. (Hons.) in Economics, Jahangirnagar University, 2008


  • Lecturer, Economics, Asian University of Bangladesh, from 06 Dec 2010 to 02 Jul 2013


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  • Md. Mahmudul Hassan, - Entrepreneurial Prospects of Poultry Layer Farming in Bangladesh: A Stochastic Frontier Analysis, The IUP Journal of Entrepreneurship Development, Vol: 16, Page No: 7, Issue: 1, Year: 2019
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  • Md. Mahmudul Hassan, Dhar M., and Islam M. S - Some Popular Factors of Growth in Bangladesh An Experimental Post-Mortem Facts from Causality and, Indian Journal of Economics and Business- IJEB, Vol: , Page No: 51, Issue: 3, Year: 2015
  • Md. Mahmudul Hassan, Shariful Islam M., Haseen Laila - Examining the External Determinants of Economic Growth in Bangladesh An Econometric Inquiry, The Jahangirnagar Economic Review, Vol: , Page No: 71, Issue: 27, Year: 2016
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Agricultural Economics


Bangladesh University of Business and Technology

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