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Dr. Sharmina Afrin

Professor & Chairman
Department of Management

Faculty Code: DSA

Email: safrin1970@gmail.com

Publication Profile:

Google Scholar, Research Gate


  • Ph. D in Management Studies, University of Dhaka, 2010
  • MSc in Development Planning, Asian Institute of Technology, 2002
  • BBA in Business Studies, Khulna University, 1995


  • Lecturer, Business Administration, Khulna University, from 29 Jun 1995 to 14 Sep 1999


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  • Dr. Sharmina Afrin, Nazrul Islam, Tafannum Tasnim, Md. Pranto Biswas, Tasnim Shahriar - Application of Labor Laws and Other Compliances in Readymade Garment Industry of Bangladesh, Universal Journal of Management, Vol: 6, Page No: 81, Issue: 3, Year: 2018
  • Dr. Sharmina Afrin, Dr. Nazrul Islam, Mohitul Ameen Ahmed Mustafi, Md. Nafizur Rahman, Nowshin Nower, Md. Mostafa Asef Rafi, Mayisha Tasnim Natasha, Rashik Hassan - Factors Affecting Customers Experience in Mobile Banking of Bangladesh, Global Journal of Management and Business Research (A: Administration and Management), Vol: 19, Page No: 37, Issue: 5, Year: 2019
  • Dr. Sharmina Afrin, Prof. Dr. Nazrul Islam, Meshkatozzaman Rumman, Nowshin Nower,, Md. Nafizur Rahman, Shadman Kabir Niaz - The Measurement of Employee Turnover Intentions in Telecom Industry of Bangladesh, Journal of Business Management and Economics, Vol: 7, Page No: 1, Issue: 6, Year: 2019
  • Dr. Sharmina Afrin, Dr. Nazrul Islam, Asibul Haque, Jannatul Fardous Ritu, Maria Nazifa, Tasnim Binte Sayed - Factors Related to Workers Engagement in Readymade Garment Industry of Bangladesh, International Journal of Research in Business and Management, Vol: 1, Page No: 40, Issue: 1, Year: 2019
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  • Dr. Sharmina Afrin, - Women in Micro-Enterprise Development Program in Bangladesh, Asian Journal of Womens Studies, Vol: 5, Page No: 100, Issue: 4, Year: 1999


  • Head of Self Assessment Committee, Department of Business Administration Uttara University, 31 Dec 2017 (0 Years)


  • 9th International Conference on South Asian Management Forum (SAMF 2006), Routray, J. K. by North South University, Dhaka
  • 13th South Asian Management Forum 2015 under the theme of Managemetn and Sustainability South Asian Perspective, Islam, N., Ahmed, S., by Association of Management Development Institutions in South Asia (AMDISA
  • 13th International Conference of IFIM Business School - Convergence 2018, Islam, N., Mustafi, A. A., Rahman, N., Nower, N., Rafi, M. M. A., Natasha, M. T., Hassan, R., by IFIM Business School, India


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