Code of conduct to be followed by the students in the Examination Hall during the Final Examination of Fall Semester, 2018-19
Published On: 1 Jan 2019

The Final Examination of Fall Semester, 2018-19 shall start from January 19, 2019. The Students shall abide by the following rules in the Examination Halls:

  1. The students shall enter into the examination Halls with the Admit Cards and ID Cards only. They will not possess any other written or printed paper with them in the Examination Halls.
  2. No one shall enter into the Examination Hall with Mobile Phone.
  3. The students must enter into the Examination Halls 10 (ten) minutes ahead of the start of the examination and will sit in their allocated seats.
  4. Any student found adopting any sort of unfairmeans in the Examination Hall shall be expelled from the Hall/University and all of his courses of the semester will be cancelled.
  5. Students shall not be allowed to leave the Examination Halls for washroom before one hour is passed from the start of the Examination and must come back within 5 (five) minutes.
  6. No student will leave the Examination Hall before collection of the Answer Scripts from all the students at the end of the examination.



(Prof. A.B. Md. Badruddoza Mia)

Controller of Examinations     

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