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Department of Law and Justice of BUBT is widely regarded as one of the top Law Schools in Bangladesh and is a leading centre for legal research and teaching. Department of Law and Justice at Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT) is designed to enable our students nourish and unleash their academic, professional and personal potential. We are passionate about teaching our students well, and about helping them to develop a deep understanding and appreciation of the pivotal position of law in a civilized society. Legal studies comes into contact with almost every area of human life touching upon issues relating to business, economics, politics, environment, human rights, international relations and trade. It is significant that the first academic degrees that developed were all related to law. As a law student, you can learn how to tackle some of the most problematic often seemingly irresolvable conflicts and issues in modern society and morality. Our brilliant students of Department of Law and Justice have completed Bar Council Examination with successive success.

Our Law courses are approved by UGC and Bangladesh Bar Council. We use a range of teaching methods, including interactive teaching, in the small group supervision system that is a key part of our approach to give our students a unique learning experience. Our faculty members include leading academics in national, international, comparative, and transnational legal studies who are capable of developing real and comprehensive responses to the challenges of globalization. We work closely with the education sector for the convergence of the legal education and practice, to develop the new methodologies in the legal education and to grow the legal culture in Bangladesh. We pursue an advance and comprehensive world-class curriculum in accordance with the needs and requirement of international standards.  We offer our students an extensive array of opportunities to immerse themselves in the study of global legal issues through coursework, case study, small group session, clinical education experiences, internships, journals, student groups, joint programs, workshops, moot competitions, and international exchanges.

I welcome you to explore this page for more information. I passionately believe in our academic mission of quality legal education and by joining us as a student of Law at BUBT, I can assure that the substance, knowledge, analytical acumen and skills you gain and build over the years to come will form and support your professional objectives, whatever they may be. Come and join us in this exciting voyage of self-discovery. I look forward to working with you as you shape your future during the most exciting period of your life.

Thanking you,

Dr. Syed Sarfaraj Hamid
Associate Professor
Chairman, Department of Law and Justice
Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT)


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