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It is my great pleasure to welcome you in the Department of English of Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT). As the department Chair, I would like to extend my heartiest greetings to all, who have decided to study in this department.

 Department of English at BUBT is an abode of inspiration, motivation and encouragement. It treasures talent, creativity and innovation, searches for artistry and novelty. It inspires fluency, spontaneity, creativity and expressiveness. I firmly believe that this department is unique in many ways. We nourish an environment of education and accomplishment – not just understanding and memorizing lessons related to the course contents, but also to acquire inclusive and complete knowledge of the chosen field of study.

We pledge to develop a student as a better human being with knowledge, skill, an enlightened mind and a widened heart. With such an aspiration, the teachers of English department try to explore hidden capabilities of students. This department proudly takes the responsibility of grooming the students of other departments of BUBT to acquire proficiency in using English in academic sphere as well as everyday life.

In this present day world, English is not a mere language, it is the medium of communication in the global arena that makes relations among countries. Therefore, the students are being acquainted with different uses of English, its treasure in the field of literature and the techniques of teaching and acquisition of the language. They are introduced to the literature of the world, especially in written English. They are trained in theoretical and practical skills of English Language Teaching. Moreover, they are made familiar with the methodologies of literary and ELT research. We, the teachers of English department, put our best efforts and dedication towards ensuring proper education and guidelines to our students.

Our department is proud to offer programs that include most up-to-date and essential courses. Department of English offers BA (Hons) in English program in the undergraduate level. This program includes courses of literature ranging from 15th century to the 20th century and English Language Teaching (ELT). Moreover, courses are there to enhance proficiency in English, computer operation and fundamental knowledge of World History and Civilization, European History, Philosophy, International Relations, Bengali Literature etc. MA in ELT program is designed to specialize in English Language Teaching. While MA in Literature program will enlighten the students of current literacy texts and theories.

Since we consider our students as our responsibility, we remain in touch with the students’ guardians and share observations and experiences with them so that the guardians can get the opportunity to look after them properly at home. I request you to explore the site to know more about us.

Wish you peace, happiness and prosperity.



Bangladesh University of Business and Technology

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Phone: 4803-6351, 4803-6352, 4803-6353
Admission Hotline Number: 01810033733
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