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Department of English at BUBT nurtures the sense of contemporaneity. The students are introduced to the requirements and necessities of the present world and are groomed and trained accordingly. They are guided and encouraged to develop themselves appropriately to face the challenges of the time.

In today’s world, English is the most widely used language of global communication in the fields of international trade, Information Technology, politics, and many more. Therefore, the young generation needs to possess the skill and proficiency of using English in different contexts: academic, professional and everyday life. Department of English at BUBT offers programs that encompass such possibilities and prospects so that students get the opportunity to successfully encounter national and global challenges in their ways towards prosperity.

The freshmen students get the opportunity to discover themselves, their shortcomings and their future prospects. They go through some basic and fundamental courses to develop their understanding and the use of English. Gradually, they study courses of literature, linguistics and ELT. The wide field of English Literature written from the 15th century to the 20th century mirrors fundamental aspects of life and its different shades from various angles: social, political, economic, religious and even psychological, irrespective of age and place. The students learn to interpret and analyze various texts critically. Besides, the students get the chance to know and practice in depth the major fields of language and linguistics including Phonetics, Semantics, Pragmatics, Syntax, Sociolinguistics, Psycholinguistics etc. Moreover, acknowledging the demand of the contemporary times, students get acquainted with the theories and practices of English Language Teaching (ELT). In the final trimester, the students are introduced to the methodologies of literary and ELT research.

The faculty members, who are skilled and specialized in their respective fields, remain engaged in endeavors and activities to impart knowledge using the most exciting, interesting and up-to-date strategies and methodologies. The concentration is on increasing students’ creativity and analytical skill of writing, proficiency in speaking and efficiency in forming opinions. The teachers of English department are committed to create an educational and interactive environment for the students. With the state of the art classrooms equipped with multimedia facilities, the teachers use audio-visual materials to make the classroom environment more fruitful, enjoyable and interesting.

The department regularly organizes seminars and workshops, where professional literary figures present their scholarly papers, and enlighten the students. Moreover, the students remain engaged in different literary activities like recitation, literary presentation, staging of drama etc.

On the whole, Department of English at BUBT blends practicality with creativity, imagination with immediacy and tradition with individual talent. The students grow and develop here as studious and enthusiastic learners, creative minds, fluent speakers and enlightened human beings.


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