Getting Around the Department

Department of Economics is located in the first building (6th to 8th floor) in the permanent campus of BUBT. The building (9 storied) is situated in Road#9. The building is flanked by some other departments, central library, cafeteria, etc. There are two lifts (one is for the faculty members and officers and The other is for the students) that run through the building for effective mobility. The sixth floor consists of classrooms, faculty room, etc. The department is under twenty four hour complete surveillance.

Sixth Floor

The department is comprised of the 6th, 7th and 8th floor respectively. The Chairperson’s office is in Room no. 701 which is also used as the faculty room and there are 2 digitized classrooms R#702 and R#703 on the 6th floor for the students of the department. All the notices regarding the university and student affairs are placed on the Notice Board of the Department


Seventh Floor

On this floor, there is only one classroom (Room No. 802) which is also digitized and fully air-conditioned.

Eighth Floor

On the right of the entrance of the 8th floor there is a lobby. It is decorated with different wall mart on the economic-socio-cultural issues augmenting the beauty of the 8th floor and thus contributing of the students' for the advancement of knowledge. This floor has two fully digital classrooms (R#902 and R#903) and a faculty room (R#901)



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