It gives me great pleasure in my role as Dean to welcome you to the Faculty of Law at Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT). Faculty of Law is home to a vibrant, innovative and dedicated academic community. Faculty of Law of Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT) was founded in 2005. It has had a proud tradition since that time and is now a nationally and internationally recognized Law Faculty with a world class ranking.

We have a very fine academic program with a deep and abiding commitment to excellence in legal education. The Law Faculty offers a contemporary undergraduate law curriculum tailored to the global environment, and encourages student commitment to social justice and community service. A number of our teaching staffs have received recognition for their excellence in teaching through University as well as national awards. The Law Faculty is highly active in research and includes a prestigious postgraduate program. The Faculty provides a supportive, vibrant, and collegiate environment, rich in diversity, promoting a high performance culture for students and staffs, and is widely perceived as an appealing place to work and study. In addition to academic excellence, we also believe that we can offer the students a very special experience. Our Faculty Members are open and accessible to students and truly committed to teaching, both in and out of the classroom. Our goal is to create for our students a unique learning environment that encourages independent thinking and prepares them for their professional pursuits. It is not surprising; therefore, that many of our graduates hold senior positions in the country’s leading law firms, judiciary, private sector, corporate jobs, teaching and business.

We have tried very hard to make sure that the facilities are of a high standard. We have established Law Library, and we have good systems of communications and computing that help to make sure those students are part of the international community of legal education and research. We believe that students should be active learners and they have to be reflective learners. And in that way, we are in fact encouraging them in many of the programs to become involved in the research, preparation, and presentation of material and actually becoming active learners.

As a BUBT Law student, you become a part of a proud history. Throughout the year we host many academic events such as workshops, seminars, conferences and guest lectures, which are held in BUBT Law Faculty. BUBT Law Faculty is that being the only University in the country, we are privileged to have tremendous support from the legal profession, Senior Professors from prominent Law Faculty, judiciary and magistracy for practical skills training, for our mooting program, and assisting in judging competitions and selecting teams for participation in national competitions. It also means that when our students become involved with the presentation of legal arguments in their moots, they have the privilege of using the Court facilities. 

Let me close by stating that, as Dean, I have great pride in our Law Faculty and believe we can offer students an enriching and memorable experience. A great many of our graduates have secured high powered positions nationally and overseas and comprise part of our close alumni network. I am confident that you will find a remarkable amount of study programs and opportunities that might suite you.

Thanking you,

 Dr. Syed Sarfaraj Hamid
Dean, Faculty of Law
Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT)


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