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Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT) has arranged for excellent facilities for studying English Language and Literature by opening the Department of English.

English is a language of communication all over the world and English literature has a very high position in world literature. The importance of English in Bangladesh is increasing day by day. Parents and guardians of students look for an English Department in a University with well-qualified and experienced teachers and a highly disciplined academic atmosphere. To cater to this need BUBT offers B.A. (Hons) program in a English Literature and Language. This is a full time day program, consisting of 12 regular semesters. Students will be required to do 40 courses, including 5 elective courses, consisting of 120 credits, a thesis of 4 credits and viva voce examinations of 3 credits making a total of 127 credits during their four year studies.


Admission requirements for B.A (Hons) in English Program:

  • GPA of at least 2.50 or 2nd Division in both the SSC and the HSC or equivalent examinations; or
  • GPA of at least 2.00 either in the SSC or the HSC examination, but the total GPA in both the examinations combined must be at least 6.00; or
  • 'O ' Level with at least 5 subjects and 'A' Level with at least 2 subjects. In these two examinations out of 7 (seven) subjects, a student must have passed 4 (four) subjects with at least B grade or GPA of 4.00 and in 3 (three) subjects with at least C grade or GPA of 3.5.
  • North American High School Diploma or International Baccalaureate, or its equivalent.
  • In case of sons/daughters of Freedom Fighters, a total GPA of at least 5.00 in both the SSC and the HSC Examinations. But the official proof of the Father /Mother as a Freedom Fighter must be submitted.


Admission Procedure for B.A (Hons) in English Program:

Admission form and prospectus are available in the admission office/ reception desk. After verification of the necessary documents, the applicants are allowed to deposit the admission fees and sign on the application form to complete the admission process.

The following documents are needed at the time of admission:

  • Two passport size color photographs (studio lab print with white background for ID card purpose).
  • Photocopies (one copy each) :
    • Certificates and marksheets of SSC/O-Level, HSC/A-Level, or other equivalent examination.
    • SSC/O-Level registration card.
    • Birth certificate/ national ID card of the candidate (one copy each).
  • Original certificates, mark sheets/transcripts, SSC/O-Level registration card and birth certificate /national ID card must be produced for verification by the officer of BUBT in charge of admission.


Structure of the courses

Course type No. of courses or units No. of credit hours
A) Foundation & Support courses 08 24
B) Courses in the core area 27 81
C) Elective courses for concentration 05 15
D) Thesis - 04
Total   129


Foundation and Support Courses

Course Code Course Title Credit
ENG 101 English Language I 3
ENG 102 English Language II 3
SOC 101 Introduction to Social Sciences 3
HUM 101 World History & Civilization 3
HUM 102 Introduction to Philosophy 3
HUM 103 European History 3
HUM 104 International Relations 3


Courses in Core Area

Course Code Course Title Credit
ENG 103 Introduction to Poetry 3
ENG 104 Introduction to Prose 3
ENG 201 Introduction to Drama 3
ENG 202 Basic English Grammar 3
ENG 203 The Romantic Poets 3
ENG 204 History of English Literature 3
ENG 205 Introduction to Linguistics 3
ENG 205 Introduction to Linguistics 3
ENG 206 Modern Drama 3
ENG 207 American Literature I 3
ENG 208 18th Century English Literature 3
ENG 209 Victorian Literature 3
ENG 210 Elizabethan to Restoration Literature 3
ENG 301 English Non-fiction Prose 3
ENG 302 American Literature II 3
ENG 303 English Syntax 3
ENG 304 Introduction to English Language Teaching (ELT) 3
ENG 305 Critical Appreciation, Rhetoric & Prosody 3
ENG 306 Introduction to Phonetics & Phonology 3
ENG 307 Literary Criticism (Ancient & Modern) 3
ENG 308 Studies in Shakespeare 3
ENG 309 Literary Theories I 3
ENG 310 Classics in Translation 3
ENG 401 Modern Fiction 3
ENG 402 Modern Poetry 3
ENG 403 Postcolonial Literature l 3
ENG 404 English for Specific Purposes (ESP) 3
ENG 450 Research Methodology 3
ENG 499 Project work: Thesis 4


Elective Courses for Concentration

Students have to select 5 (five) courses of the following elective courses:

Course Code Course Title Credit
ENG 430 Introduction to Sociolinguistics 3
ENG 431 Introduction to Psycholinguistics 3
ENG 433 Introduction to Semantics 3
HUM 439 History of Western Ideas 3
ENG 436 Bangla Literature 3
ENG 435 Literary Theories II 3
ENG 432 Language Learning and Acquisition 3
ENG 437 Post-Colonial Literature II 3
ENG 438 Old and Middle English Literature 3
ENG 434 Translation 3

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Bangladesh University of Business and Technology

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